The Wajibat (Essential Elements) of Prayer

The following are the Wajibat: (essential elements) of prayer:
1. To recite the opening chapter of the Holy Quran (Fatiha).
 2. To join with it some Surah.
3. To recite some piece from the Holy Quran in the first two Rak`ats of the Farz prayers.
4. To recite (Al-hamd) before the recitation of some other piece of the Holy Quran.
 5. To stand erect after having performed the genuflexion.
6. To sit between the two prostrations.
 7. To perform the first b.Lti (Qa`dah-sitting).
 8. To recite the JLi (At-ta-heey-yaat).
 9. To conclude the prayer with the word r)L, (Salam).
10. To recite the Holy Quran silently in the Zuhr and `Asr prayers.
11. The Imam should recite the Quranic verse loudly in the first two rakats of the Maghrib and 'Isha prayers and all the rakagats of the Fajr, Friday, the two Eid and Taraweeh prayers.
12. To recite Du`a-e-Qunoot in the Witr.
13. To pronounce Takbeer (i.e. Allahu Akbar) before reciting the Du'a-e-Qunoot.
14. To pronounce six additional Takbeers in the two Eids.
If any of the Wajibat is missed through forgetfulness it will be essential to perform a prostration of forgetfulness (Sajdah Sahw). If the omission is deliberate the prayer will become void and will have to be repeated.

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