How To Whiten Skin Overnight

 Liquor is extracted by squeezing rose petals and adding it to water to make a solution called rose water. Rose water is extremely useful for human skin as it softens the skin and retains skin moisture by removing dryness.

How To Whiten The Color With Rose Water:

Applying a few drops of rose water in the whitening creams and applying it on the skin daily has positive effects, of which moisture retention is the most important. Applying rose water to keep the face fresh removes dead cells on the upper surface of the skin and gets rid of germs.


Rose water is effective in keeping skin cells strong and healthy and helps in the growth of skin tissues while regular use of rose water can also eliminate wrinkles on the skin.


If you are bothered by pimples on your face, the solution is also available in the form of rose water. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water and apply on the face for half an hour daily to get rid of acne. When the time is up, wash your face with fresh water. Continuing this process will not only eliminate pimples on the face but will also make them less likely to appear in the future.

Benefits Of Rose Water For Face

Benefits Of Rose Water For Face

Benefits Of Rose Water For Face
Gulab ki pattio ko nichor kar arq nikala jata hai jise pani mein shamil karke 1 solution tayyar kiya jata hai jo arq e gulab kehlata ha. Arq e gulab insani jild ke liye behad mufeed ha kiyounke ye jild ko naram rakhta ha aur khushki door kar ke skin ki nami ko maintain rakhta hai.

Arq e Gulab Se Rang Gora Karne Ka Tarika:
Rang gora karne wali cream mein arq e gulab k few drops daal kar rozana jild par lagaya jaye to is ke positive asraat murattab hote hein jin mein jild par nami ka barqarar rehna sare fehrist ha. Chehre ko tarotaza rakhne ke liye arq e gulab lagane se jild ki upari satah par mojood dead cells ka khatma hota ha aur germs se nijat hasil hoti hai.

Arq e gulab jild ke cells ko fresh aur healthy banane mein kar aamad sabit hota hai aur jild ke tissures ke afzaish mein helpful hai jabke arq e gulab ko regular use se istemal kar ke jild par parne wali wrinkels ka khatma bhi mumkin ha.

Keel Muhaso:
Agar aap ky chehre par keel muhaso se pareshan hein to inka hal bhi arq e gulab ki soorat mein mojood ha. Lemon juice aur arq e gulab ke masawai miqdarein aapas mein mila kar chehre par rozana aadhay se 1 ghata tak lagaye rakhne se keel muhaso ka khatma kiya ja sakta ha. Waqt poora hone ke baad chehre ko taza pani se dho lijiye. Ye amal jare rakhne se na sirf chehre par mojood keel muhase khatam ho jayengay balke aayenda inko namoodar hone ka imkaan nahi rahega.

How To Stop Facial Hair Growth In Females Naturally

The presence of unwanted facial hair is a problem for women. It also lowers your confidence and increases your stress. There are a number of reasons for the increase in facial hair growth. These include hormonal imbalances and the use of certain medications. Poor diets today are undoubtedly one of the causes of this disease. Let's see what methods we can use to get rid of this problem.

Chemical Methods:
Many people use chemical products such as bleach creams to reduce and hide their hair. Using it lightens the color of the hair for a few days and makes it look less. But using this method only works for people who can continue to use it regularly. There are also many chemicals in bleach that are harmful to the skin. Women with sensitive skin should not use it.

Wax and Threading:
Waxing or threading is also a common method. Although it does not use chemicals, these methods do not reduce hair growth. Threading in particular causes hair to grow thicker, which is more noticeable.

Use of Natural Ingredients:
The use of many natural ingredients can also eliminate unwanted facial and body hair. The main ones are turmeric and gram flour. Constant use of them reduces hair growth.

Papaya and Turmeric Paste:
You need raw papaya and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to make this paste. This is a great tip to get rid of unwanted facial hair forever. The best way to use this paste is to leave it on your face for 15 minutes and then wash your face. The best results will be received within a week.

Basin, Yogurt and Turmeric:
Make a paste by mixing two tablespoons of gram flour, a quarter teaspoon of turmeric and a little yogurt and apply it on the face and when it is dry, apply coconut oil on it with light hands, rub it off and then wash the face.

Chehre Ke Baal Khatam Karne Ka Bohat Hi Asan Tarika

chehre ke baal khatam karne ka bohat hi asan tarika

chehre ke baal khatam karne ka bohat hi asan tarika
Chehre par ghair zaroori balon ki mojoodgi khawateen ke liye 1 pareshan kun muamla hai. Ye aap k confidence mein kami lane aur depression mein izafe ka bais bhi bantahai. Chehre par balon ki afzaish mein izafe ki kai 1 wajoohat ho sakti hein. In mein harmones ki be aetidali aur kuch khas medicines ka use sare fehrisht ha. Mojooda dor ki naqis ghizaen bhi bila shuba is arze ki wajoohat mein se 1 hein. Aaye dekhte hein ke is pareshani senijat pane ke liye hum kin tariko ka istemal kar sakte hein.

Chemical Methods:
Bohat se afrad in balon ko kam karne aur chupane ke liye chemical products jese ke bleach cream ka istemal karte hein. Is ke istemal se kuch dino ke liye balon ki rangat halki par jati ha aur wo kum nazar aane lagate hein. Lekin is tarike ka istemal in hi logon ke liye kargar ha jo regular is ka istemal jari rakh sakein. Is ke ilawa bleach mein mojood kai chemical aese bhi hein jo jild ke liye nuqsan deh hein. Hassas jild wali ladies is ka istemal na karein.

Wax And Threading:
Balon ko wax ya thread ki madad se nikalna bhi 1 aam tarika ha. Agarcha is mein chemical ka istemal nahi ha lekin in tariko se balon ki afzaish kam nahi hoti. Khas tor par threading se baal mote nikalne lagte hein jo ke ziyada numaya hote hein.

Use Of Natural Ingredients:
Bohat se natural ingredients ke istemal se bhi chehre aur jism ke ghair zaroori balon ka khatma mumkin ha. In mein sare fehrisht haldi aur besan ka istemal ha. In ko musalsal istemal karte rehne se balon ki afzaish kam hone lagti ha.

Papite Aur Haldi Ka Paste:
Is paste ko banane ke liye aap ko kachay papite aur adha chamcha haldi powder ki zaroorat ha. Chehre k ghair zaroori balon ko hamesha ke liye khatma karne ke liye ye bohat acha totka ha. Is paste ko istemal karne ke liye tarika ye hai ke aap is paste ko chehre par 15 minute ke liye lagar kar chor dein aur phir moo dho lein. 1 hafte mein hi behtareen nataij mosool honge.

Besan, Dahi Aur Haldi:
2 khane ke chammach besan, 1 chothai teaspoon haldi aur thori se dahi mila kar paste bana lein aur chehre par lap kar lein aur jab sookh jaye to is ke upar halke hathon se nariyal ka tail kagar kar ragarte hue utar dein aur phir chehre dho lein.