Tibet Cream Whitening Formula

 Today I will tell you a great formula to whiten the complexion. I will tell you a way to use Tibet cream which will increase the result of this cream.

To prepare this formula, you must first take Tibet cream. Take a tablespoon of Tibet cream and add half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel can be used with any brand, but be careful not to dilute the aloe vera gel. You have to add two Skin White Capsules to this formula. The skin white capsule to be inserted is easily available from any medical store. Now mix it well. When it is well mixed, you can put it in any container and keep it for a week.

You have to apply this cream at night. Apply it well on the entire face and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with any face wash or soap. That's all you have to do, then see how fast your face turns white.

Tibet Cream Se Rang Gora Karne Ka Tarika

tibet cream se rang gora karne ka tarika

Aaj mein aap ko rang gora karne ka 1 zabardast formula bataoongi. Mein aap ko tibet cream ke istemal ka 1 aesa tarika bataoongi jo is cream ka result barha dega.
is formula ko tayyar karne ke liye aap ne sab se pehle tibet cream leni hai. 1 bara spoon tibet cream le lein aur aloe vera gel ka half spoon is mein shamil kr lein aloe vera gel kisi bhi brand ka istemal kar sakte hein lekin ye khayal rakhein ke aloe vera gel patla na ho. Ap aap ne is mein jo akhri cheez dalni ha wo hai skin white capsule ye aap ko kisi bhi medical store se asani se mil jaye ga. Aap ne skin white capsule is formula mein 2 shamil karne hein ab ise ache tarike se mix kar lein jab achi tarah mix ho jaye to aap ise kisi bhi dabbe mein daal kar 1 hafte tak rakh sakte hein.
Ye ceram aap ne raat mein lagani ha. Poore face par achi tarah laga kar so jayen jab aap subah uthen to kisi bhi face wash ya soap se chehra wash kar lein. Bas isi tarah aap ne lagana ha phir dekhin aap ka face kitni tezi se gora hota hai.

How To Get Pink Lips Overnight

 How Can You Make Your Lips Pink And Beautiful?

Beautiful and charming lips enhance your beauty. Lips enhance the beauty of the face, but if these lips turn black, then all the beauty of the face fades. It is true that women are and should be more concerned about their beauty.

In addition to cleansing the skin of the face, women also want their lips to be red, their eyelids to be long and thick, and their hair to be long. All these things enhance the beauty of the face.

Let Us Tell You How You Can Make Your Lips Pink

First of all, whenever you have to use lipstick, always buy a good company's lipstick, cheap and substandard lipstick will ruin your lips.

Vaseline should be applied on the lips before going to bed at night, it makes the lips red.

Mix crushed alum, rose water and four drops of lemon juice and apply on the lips, the lips will turn red.

Mix a few drops of lemon juice in a little bit milk cream and apply it on the lips, it will turn red.

Applying a mixture of alum and glycerin also makes the lips beautiful.

In winter, the lips are often chapped, so apply raw cow's milk on the lips daily.

Cutting tomatoes and rubbing them on the lips often removes the ink from the lips.

Rubbing lemon peel on the lips removes the ink from the lips.

Honton Ko Gulabi Kaise Kare

honton ko gulabi kaise kare

Khoobsurat aur dilkash hont aap ki khoobsurti ko char chand laga dete hein hont ko chehre ke husn ko dobala kar dete hein lekin yehi hont agar siyah par jayen to chehre ka sara husn maand par jata ha. Ye durust hai ke ladies ko apni khoobsurti ki ziyada fikr hoti haur hone bhi chahiye.
Chehre ki jild ke sath jild kis safai ke sath sath khawateen ki ye bhi khuwashish hoti ha ke in ke hont red hon, palkein lambi aur ghani ho, baal lambe ho. Ye sab cheezein chehre k husn mein izafa karte hein.
Sab se pehlli baat ye hai ke jab bhi aap lipstick use karna ho to hamesha kisi achi company ki lipstick khareedein, sasti aur ghair mayari lipstick aap ke honto ko kharab kar degi.
Raat ko sone se pehle vaselin honton par laga kar sona chahiye is se hont red ho jate hein.
Pisi hui phitkari, arq e gulab aur 4 drops lemon juice teeno ko mila kar honton par lagayen hont surkh ho jayengay.
Thori balai mein chand qatre lemon juice mila kar honto pr lagayen hont red ho jayengay.
Phitkari aur glycerine mila kar lagane se bhi hont khoobsurat ho jate hein.
Sardo mein aksar hont phat jate hein is liye gaye ka kacha doodh rozana honto par lagayen.
Tomato kaat kar aksar honto pr malne se honto ki siyahi door ho jati hai.
Lemon k chilke ko honto par ragarne se honto ki siyahi door ho jati ha.