The Method Of Offering The Eid Prayers

The Eid Prayer should be offered in congregation, out-side the township in an open ground. It is all right for old and weak persons to offer this prayer in a big mosque of the town. When the rows have been straightened and the Imam pronounces the Takbeer Tahreemah, the Namazi should also pronounce the Takbeer Tahreemah raising up his hands to his ears, and then fold his hands. Then after reciting (Sana), he should pronounce (Allahu Akbar) three times, raising his hands up to his ears each time as he did in pronouncing the Takbeer Tahreemah. He should release the hands after every Takbeer but fold them after the third Takbeer. As for the Imam, he should start recitation after pronouncing Auzubillah and Bismillah and perform Rukoo, (genuflexion) and (prostrations). But in the second Raleat after recitation he should pronounce Takbeer three times and after raising up his hands to his ears he should release them each time. Pronouncing the fourth Takbeer, he should bow down for genuflexion Rukoo and should conclude the prayer as usual after performing Qau-mah (short standing) Sajdah (prostration), Jalsa (short sit-ting), Qa‘dah (final sitting) and bidding the Salarn. It is Wa-jib (essential) to deliver the Eid sermon and to listen to it.

Problem: If a man joins the Eid prayer after it has com-menced, he should pronounce the three Tak-beers during Qiyam or Rukoo` after forming the intention.

Problem: If the Masbooq misses one full Raleat, he should offer it after the Imam has bid the concluding Salam, but he should pronounce the Tak-beers after reciting and, some Surah.

Problem: If one by chance misses both the Rak`ats one should offer the prayer with the Takbeers ac-cording to the injunctions.

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