The Obligatory Elements (Faraiz) In Prayer

They are fourteen in number.
1. Cleanliness of the body.
2. Cleanliness of the clothes.
3. Concealment of Satr (concealable parts of the body), which are from the navel to the knees for men, and the entire body, except the face the hands (palms) and the feet, for women.
4. Cleanliness of the place on which the prayer is offered.
5. The right time for the prayer.
6. Facing the Qiblah .
7. To form the intention.
8. Takbeer Tahreemah (i.e. saying Allahu Akbar at the very start).
9. Qiyam, i.e. standing for the prayer.
10. To recite from the Quran either a long verse, or three short verses or a short surah (chapter).
11. Genuflexion (kneeling down).
12. To perform two prostrations.
13. The last sitting.
 14. To conclude the prayer with one's intention. If any of these elements are left out knowingly or unknowingly, the prayer will become void and will have to be repeated.

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