Durood e Nariya

 The Darood Sharif is a secret that no one could understand except devotees and pious servants of Allah. There are innumerable benefits in it. If one sits to write them, the whole stock of paper and ink in the world would be exhausted. But the particular and notable benefit of Durood e Nariya is that it should be recited whenever one comes across any woeful or sorry situation. Insha Allah all the troubles will recede within minutes. The darkness would be changed into illuminating light and trouble will turn into a blessing.

durood e nariya

O Allah, descend complete Darood upon our chief and lord Muhammad PBUH due to whose auspiciousness all the knots are relieved and uneasiness removed and for whose sake all the objectives are achieved and a better end (to life) is availed. He is that for whose sake the cloud becomes full of water, and (send Daroods) to his offsprings and holy companions in every breathing and every moment the actual number of which is well know to Thee. O Allah, O Allah, O Allah.

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