Dua e Mustajab

 Here are the attributes of this very pious supplication. One should recite this Dua daily and if it is not possible, recite it once a week and even if it is not possible, he should recite it once a month and at least once in his life. If one can not recite it himself then make other recite and listen. If it s also not possible then at least he should keep it with himself before his eyes. Allah will close the doors of Hell for His such servant and will open the doors of Heaven for him. And any servant would seek anything from Allah through its recitation Allah will grant it. And Allah will keep him secured from seven things namely (1) beggary (2) hardships of this world (3) trouble of his breathing last (4) curse of the grave (5) questions of Munkar and Nakeer (6) hardships of the Day of Reckoning (7) Curse of the Hell. And Allah will allow him His vision and will save him from 70 thousand wicked of both the worlds including from the tricks of the cheaters, mischief mongers, wounds of the spear, excesses of the cruel and mischief of the devil and troubles from the snakes and scorpion and thunders lightning of the sky. Allah will also forgive his all big and small sins may they be equal to the leaves of the trees, or drops of the rain or even more than fairies and animals. All will be forgiven. Allah will order to write in the account of a such servant 1000 virtues. There are 70 thousand wicked in the body of a person and one who recites this shall remain secured from those wicked and he will be secured from the pain in the head, pain in the half of the head, eyes, ears, teeth, chest, vest, knees, bones, pain at the time of delivery and all other sorts of pains such as bleeding wound, kidney stone, bleeding and wicked effects of invisible creations such as ghost, etc.

The person possessing this Dua, if goes in the gathering of the kings, he will be respected much, will be loved in the home by family members and all will be friendly with the grave, instead, his grave will be broadened. All his worldly hardships will be eased. One should not doubt about all this as it is feared that he may be turned into an infidel.

dua e mustajab

There are many attributes of this Dua but here these are summarized.

Extract From Mishkat Sharif

The Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him says: Before doing five things consider the give things better or esteemed:

1. Your life be taken as better before death.

2. Your health be taken as better before you fall ill.

3. Your youth be taken as better before you get old.

4. Your prosperity be taken as better before you become poor.

5. Your leisure be taken as better before you indulge in work.

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