Dua e Khair

 O Allah, O the Most forgiving, forgives our sins, O Allah, we are ashamed of our sins. O Allah we repent from our sins, You forgive our mistakes. O Allah, forgive those which we have done knowingly and forgive those which we have done unknowingly. O Allah, make our males and females punctual and regular in performing Namaz. O Allah, grant acceptance to our worship. O most Forgiving and Most Merciful Allah, make all the Muslims good and pious. O Allah, save us from all sorts of sinful acts. O Allah, bestow upon us the courage to do those deeds which give us good frame. Save the  Muslims from all sorts of difficulties and agonies. O Allah, give glory to Islam and make the Muslims respected in this world as well in the Hereafter. O Allah, relieve the prisoners from the prison. O Allah, grant health to the ailing. O Allah, give strength to those who are weak. O Allah, save us from polytheism and Bid'at (the unwanted innovation in the religion). O Allah, give us the courage to utter the Kalema while we breathe our last. O Allah, grant us rid of all the sorrow, troubles, shocks and depression and flourishes our homely affairs. O Allah, bestow upon all our family members with real love and sincerity toward each other. O Allah, let the separated meet. O Allah, let the offended be persuaded. O Allah, grant us our wishes. O Allah, bestow upon the Muslims in and outside the country with peace and security. O Allah, give plenty to those who are in held up. O Allah, give offspring to those who are infertile. O Allah, make our offspring and their further heritages pious with good character. O Allah, keep them secured who are traveling. O Allah, give salvation to our dead and shower Your bounties on their graves and keep their souls in eternal peace and grant them high stations. O Allah, provide the recommendations and favor of Your beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him to all the Muslims. O Allah, allow us Your vision in Heaven and keep us firm on the Pul Sirat. O Allah, give our accounts (Nama-e-Amal) in our right hands and save us from the insult on the Day of Reckoning and remove all our worldly difficulties and hardships. O Allah, relieve the Muslims from the tricks of the infidels and enemies. O Allah, grant our supplication. Aameen Summa Aameen.

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