Healthy Skin Tips For Face

Just a tip for every facial problem (magic paste)

1. For pimples     2. To remove burn marks

3. To brighten the color    4. To remove stains

5. To eliminate the bad and leftover effects of Formula creams

6. For acne

7. To keep the color better from the sun.   8. For cleansing

9. Old spots, smallpox spots, black spots, brown spots, dark circles

One cucumber, one potato, one lemon, a little gram flour

How to make: 

Grate cucumbers and potatoes or grind them into thick pieces and put them in a muslin cloth to extract their juice and squeeze the lemons. Make a normal paste by adding it to the basin. Don't make it too thick. Apply on face for 20 minutes, most effective time is at night and then wash face.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home In Urdu

beauty tips for face at home in urdu

1. Pimples k liye   2. Jale hue nishanat khatam karne ke liye 
3. Chehre ki rangat nikharne ke liye   4. Chehre ke daag dhabbo ko door karne ke liye 
5. Formula creams k bure aur chore hue asraat khatam karne ke liye 
6. Acne ke liye   7. Keel muhaso ke liye   
8. Dhoop se rang ko behtar rakhne ke liye    9. Cleansing ke liye 
10. Purane daag, chechak k daagh, black spot, brown spot, dark circles 

 Ingredients:  1 kheera 1 aaloo 1 lemon thosa sa basin

 Method:  Kheere aur aalu ko kaddu kash kar lein ya mota pees lein aur malmal ke kapre mein daal kar inka juice nikal kein aur sath lemon bhi nichor lein. Basin k sath shamil kar ke normal sa paste bana lein ziyada garha na ho. 20 minute tak chehre par lagayen, ziyada moassar time raat ka hai aur phir chehre ko wash kar lein.

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