Green Tea Good For Skin

Green Tea Good For Skin

Most people use Green Tea, drinking Green Tea is very beneficial for your health but at the same time, Green Tea is considered very good for our skin.
Most people like to drink Green Tea, but we will tell you how using Green Tea on the face makes your skin look fresh and shiny.
Green Tea can be applied to the skin in the following ways.

1. Green Tea Mask

Green Tea Face Mask If used as a mask, it will be beneficial for the skin. To make the face mask, take a teaspoon of finely ground green tea, then add 2 tsp turmeric powder and a tablespoon of gram flour.
Make a paste with all these things on the face with water and when the mask is dry, wash the face. Doing it twice a week will make the skin shine.

2. Green Tea Scrub

Daily dust accumulates in our face and dust which closes the face pores, it is very important to scrub to refresh the face. To make the Green Tea Scrub, first boil the leaves of the Green Tea in water. Put sugar in green tea water and massage it lightly on the face, this is a natural scrub that will clear all the dirt in your face pores.

3. Green Tea Skin Tones

We need a toner to keep our skin refreshed, the toners found in the market are made from chemicals that cause skin damage. If you want to use a natural toner, first boil the green tea in water, then add the aloe vera gel to this green tea and store it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator. Spraying this toner on your face every once in a while will make the skin shiny and creamy.

4. Treatment Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes With Green Tea

Green Tea is very helpful for dark circles around the eyes. For the dark circles you should use the green tea bags in the fridge after use and keep them in the eyes when they are cold, doing so around the eyes dark circles and swollen also ends.

Green Tea Effects On Skin

green tea effects on skin
green tea effects on skin

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