How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies

How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies

Long hair has been a dream of women for centuries. In ancient era for long hair, there have always been mild effects and unique prescriptions. Research has shown that women do not do as much care as their hair does.
There is a centuries-old prescription for hair care that you can easily extend your hair up to a foot and a half, if you are not satisfied with the growth of your hair using a variety of shampoos and hair conditioners. This recipe is for you.
First take a coconut that contains water, then make a small hole in the coconut with a sharp tool, then take 250 gram fenugreek seeds and finely grind. Put the finely ground fenugreek seeds in the coconut so that the coconut is full.
Then close the coconut hole with a chewing gum or something else. If there is a tree in your house or in the home of someone you know, dig a foot deep near its roots and straighten the coconut and put it on top soil and forget it for seven days.
After seven days, remove the coconut and then blend the coconut water and fenugreek seeds mixture, you will have an oil ready. Apply this oil to your hair for half an hour before bathing and then wash the hair with a good shampoo. This is a highly tested version of hair extensions; using two weeks you will notice a clear difference in the length of your hair. This recipe is not just for women, but anyone who want their hair to be shiny, strong and long can try it out.

Bal Lamby Karny Ka Tarika

bal lamby karny ka tarika
Lamby bal sadyo se sanfe nazuk ka khuwab rahe hein. Lambay balon ke liye qadeem tib mein hamesha se zod asar bemisal nuskhe mojood rahe hein. Tehqeeq se sabit ha ke khawateen jitni nigehdasht apnay balon ki karti hein itna kisi shay nahi karti.
Balon ki nigehdasht ke liye sadyo purana 1 aesa nuskha ha jis se aap ba asani apnay baal 1.5 fit tak lambay kar sakte hein, agar aap kai tarah ke shampoo aur hair condioner istemal kar ke bhi apnay balon ki nasho numa se mutmain nahi hein to phir ye nuskha aap hi ke liye ha.
Sab se pehle 1 coconut le lein jis mein pani ho phir nariyal mein tez dhar aala se chota sa soorakh karein uske baad 1 pao methi dana lein aur bareek pees lein. Bareek pisa huwa methi dana nariyal mein itna dalein ke nariyal poora bhar jaye.
Phir nariyal ke soorakh ko chewing ya kisi aur shay se band kar dein. Agar aap ke gahr mein ya kisi janne walay ke ghar mein koi darakht ha to uski jaron ke paas 1 feet gehra garha karein aur nariyal ko seedha daal kar upar mitti daal dein aur 7 din ke liye bhool jayen.
7 din ke baad is nariyal ko nikalein phir nariyal ke pani maur methi dana ko mixture ko juicer mein daal kar blend karein, aap ke paas 1 tail tayyar ho jayega. Is tail ko nahane se adha ghanta pehle apnay balon mein laga lein aur uske baad kisi achay shampoo se baal dho lein. Baal lambe karne ka ye intahai aazmooda nuskha ha 2 hafte ke istemal se aap apnay balon ki lambai mein wazeh faraq mehsoos karengay. Ye nuskha sirf khawateen ke liye nahi ha balke har wo shakhs jo chahta ha ke uske baal chamakdar, mazboot aur lambay hon wo ise aazma sakta ha.

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