Best Juice For Weight Loss In The Morning

Best Juice For Weight Loss In The Morning

If you are worried about the weight gain, try this tip and you will definitely benefit from it.

Black pepper half teaspoon           A tablespoon of honey
Nigella Seeds half teaspoon (grind to powder)
One Lemon                                         A glass of fresh water

Squeeze a lemon into a glass of fresh water. Then add black pepper, nigella seeds powder and honey and mix it well. Use a glass every morning after half an hour of breakfast.
Using one week will reduce your weight by 1 to 1.5 kg and by six to seven kilos a month. If you continue to use this juice, you will also be protected from all kinds of internal illnesses and will not produce excess fat in your body for the rest of your life. But be sure to avoid sweet treats, energy drinks and cold drinks when using this tip.
Drink at least twelve to 15 glasses of water a day and make exercise a routine of your life.

Pait Ki Charbi Kam Karne Ka Tarika In Urdu

pait ki charbi kam karne ka tarika in urdu

Agar aap barhte wazan ki waja se pareshan hein to ye totka aazmayn yaqeenan aap ko iska bohat faida hoga.

Kali mirch half teaspoon
Shehad one tablespoon
Kalonji half teaspoon (Pees kar powder bana lein)
Lemon 1 adad
Fresh Water 1 glass

1 glass fresh water mein 1 adad lemon nichor lein, phir is mein kali mirch, kalonji ka powder aur shehad daal kar achi tarah mix kar lein, rozana 1 glass khane ke adhay ghantay baad istemal karein. Agar aap ise nihar moo istemal kareingay to aap ko aur jald faida hoga.
1 hafta ke istemal se aap ke wazan mein 1 se 1.5 kg kami aayegi aur 1 month mein 6 to 7 kg kami aayegi. Agar is juice ka musalsal istemal karengay to aap har qisam ki androoni beemario se bhi mehfooz rahengay aur zindagi bhr aap ke jism mein fuzool charbi paida nahi hogi. Wazan kam karne ka intahai zabardast aur aazmooda nuskha ha. Lekin khayal rahe ke is totke ko istemal karne ke doran meethi cheezon, energy drinks aur cold drinks se mukammal perhez karein.
Din mein kam az kam 12 to 15 glass pani piyen aur exercise ko apni zindagi ka mamool bana lein.

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