Sajdah-e-Sahw (Corrective Prostration)

This prostration makes good some omission committed through forgetfulness during prayer. It is essential to perform this prostration for these lapses: When some essential element (Wajib) gets omitted or delay occurs in the discharge of some obligatory (Farz) or essential (Wajib) duty; to displace or repeat some Farz. If these lapses or irregularities are committed deliberately, these will not be made good by Sajdah-e-Sahw. 

The Method Of Performing Sajdah Sahw  

In the last sitting after finishing the At-ta-heey-yat with the words (`Abdu.hoo wa rasoo-luh) one should bid the right-side (Salam), then perform two prostrations, uttering (Allaahu Akbar) each time while bowing down and getting up for the prostration. After performing both the prostrations the Namazi should complete the Prayer by re starting from Attahiyaat and then reciting Darood and Dua as usual.

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