Repulsive Acts During Prayer

The following acts are repulsive during prayer:
1. To place the hands on the abdomen.
2. To keep the hands out of the sleeves.
3. To roll up the garments.
4. To play with the body or the garments.
5. To crack fingers.
6. To turn the neck right and left.
7. (For a woman) to pray with her hair back-knotted.
8. To stretch the limbs.
9. To squat like a dog.
10. (For a man) to place the forearms on the ground during prostration.
11. To join the belly with the thighs during prostration.
12. To sit cross-legged without justification.
13. (For,the Imam) to stand inside the arch.
14. To stand alone out of the row.
15. To stand where there is a photo in front or overhead.
16. To pray wearing clothes decorated with photos.
17. To hang down the shoulders a cloth sheet or a piece of cloth.
18. To pray when one is feeling acutely the need to urinate or to answer natural call or is feeling hungry.
19. (For a man) to pray bareheaded. If a woman does so her prayer will not be valid.
20. To pray with the eyes closed.
21. To pray in clothes, including a cap, this is unworthy of the man's position, in which he would not like to go to his office or place of work.

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