Astaghfar Ke Fayde


astaghfar ke fayde

Jo log chahte hein ke wo dunyawi ke sath rohani tor par bhi mazboot ho aur unke rizq mein kabhi tangi na ho to wo aaj se ye amal karna shru kar dein. Hazrat Ibn e Abbas Razi Allah Tala Anhu ki riwayat mein hai ke jis ne astaghfar ko lazim pakra Allah us ko har tangi se bahar nikalta hai aur har fikar se kushadgi bakhshta hai aur aesi jaga se rizq deta hai ke wahan se guman bhi na ho. Aap bhi astaghfar ko lazim pakar lein aap ke bhi din phir jayengay.

Benefits of Reciting Astaghfar

People who wish to be spiritually strong along with worldly strength and never face financial difficulties, should start practicing this from today. According to the narration of Hazrat Ibn Abbas, whoever holds on firmly to seeking forgiveness (Istighfar), Allah will remove them from every distress, grant them relief from all worries, and provide sustenance from unexpected sources, such that they will not even expect it. So, you too should make seeking forgiveness a regular practice, and your days will then become blessed."

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