Breast Ko Tight Kaise Kare

breast ko tight kaise kare

breast ko tight kaise kare

Nuskha # 1: Agar sardi ka mosam nahi hai to aap barf ke istemal se apne breast tight kar sakti hein ye breast tight karne ka bohat hi asan taika hai baraf aap ke body tissues ko suker deti hai jis se aap ke breast sirf 1 se 2 minute aur phir isi tarah doosre breast par 1 se 2 minute pherein. Iske baad jaldi se bra pehan lein aur koshish karein kam az kam 1 hour tak neeche nahi hona jis se aap ke breast latekin, is tarika ko 1 hafte tak istemal karein, Insha Allah aap ke breast khoobsurat aur sakht ho jayengay. 

Nuskha # 2: Kheere ka istemal har ghar mein salad ke tor par hota hai. Is ke bohat saray faide hein aur iske istemal se aap ke pistan khoobsurat hote hein. Ande ki zardi mein bohat ziyada miqdar mein protein hote hein aur ye aap ke pistan ko sakht karne mein bohat ahem kirdar ada karti hai. 1 Kheera lein isko achi tarah dho lein aur phir is ko kaat kar blender mein daal dein iske sath 1 ande ki zardi aur 1 ya 2 spoon cream ya butter daal dein yahan meri cream se murad milk wali cream hai jo aap ghar mein doodh se banati hein. In sab cheezon ko achi tarah mix kar lein aur jab paste ban jaye to kisi saaf bartan mein nikal lein aur is paste ko apne breast par aram se lagayen aur 30 minute laga rehne dein iske baad thande pani se breast ko dho lein. Aap ne ye paste hafte mein 1 dafa istemal karna hai. 1 month ke andar aap khud dekh leingi ke breast kitne sakht aur pyare ho gaye hein.

Tighten Boobs

Method No. 1: If it is not cold weather, you can harden your breasts by using ice. This is a very easy way. Ice compresses your body tissues which makes your breasts hard. Just take two pieces of ice and roll them on one breast first for just one to two minutes and then on the other breast in the same way for one to two minutes. Then quickly wear bra and try not to be down for at least an hour from which your breasts sag, use this method for a week. Insha Allah your breasts will become beautiful and hard.

Method No. 2: Cucumber is used as a salad in every home. It has many benefits and its use makes your breasts beautiful. Egg yolks contain a lot of protein and it plays a very important role in tightening your breasts. Take a cucumber, wash it thoroughly and then cut it and put it in a blender. Add one egg yolk and one or two tablespoons of cream or butter, Mix all these things well and when the paste is formed, take it out in a clean vessel and apply this paste comfortably on your breasts and leave it for 30 minutes then wash the breasts with cold water. You need to use this paste once a week. Within a month you will see for yourself how hard and lovely the breasts have become.

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