How To Reduce Cholesterol In 30 Days

 Remember that most of the deaths in the world are due to heart attack due to high cholesterol. You may know many people in your own home who are overweight and have high cholesterol. Here are some tips to control your cholesterol levels that you can follow to prevent a heart attack.

Ginger juice: It thins the blood, it naturally reduces pain by 90%.

Garlic Juice: The allicin element in it lowers cholesterol and BP and opens the heart blockage.

Lemon juice: Vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium in it cleanse the blood. They increase immunity against the disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar: It contains 90 types of ingredients that relax all the nerves of the body, clear the stomach and relieve fatigue.

Use all of these things that way.

A cup of lemon juice,  a cup of ginger juice,

One cup of garlic juice,  one cup of apple cider vinegar

Combine these four and heat over low heat. When three cups are left, cool it. Now mix 3 cups of honey in it. Take 3 tablespoons of this mixture daily on an empty stomach in the morning, which will eliminate all blockages, ie the arteries will open.

Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

cholesterol ka ilaj

Ye yaad rakhein dunya mein sab se ziyada amwat cholesterol barhne ki waja se heart attack se hoti hein. Aap khud apnay hi ghar mein aesay bohat se logon ko jante hongay jin ka weight aur cholesterol barha huwa hai. Hum aap ko cholesteril level control karne ke kuch tips batayengay jis par amal kar ke aap heart attack se bach sakte hein.
 Adrak Ka Juice: Ye khoon ko patla karta hai, ye dard ko qudrati tarike se 90% tak kam karta hai. Lehsan Ka Juice: Is mein mojood allicin cholesterol aur BP ko kam karta hai aur dil ke blockage ko kholta hai. 
Lemon Ka Juice: Is mein mojood vitamic C, antioxidants aur potassium khoon ko saaf karte hein. Ye bimari k khilaf immunity barhate hein.
Apple Cider Sirka: Is mein 90 qisam ke elements hein jo jism k saray aesab ko kholte hein, pait saaf karte hein aur thakawat ko mitate hein. 
In tamam cheezon ko is tarah istemal mein layen. 
1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup adrak ka juice, 1 cup lehsan ka juice, 1 cup apple cider sirka 
In charon ko mila kar dheemi aanch par garam karein jab 3 cup reh jaye to ise thanda kar lein. Ap aap is mein 3 cup honey mila lein. Roz is mixture k 3 chammach subah khali pait lein, jis se sari blockage khatam ho jayegi yani sharyanein khul jayengi.

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