How To Make Hair Silky With Egg

Mix two tablespoons of mustard oil in one egg yolk. Then apply it to the roots of the hair. Wash hair after 3 hours. Doing so will make the hair longer and stronger.

To get rid of dandruff, add a little oil in yogurt and apply half an hour before washing hair. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water. Doing this once a week will make the hair thick and shiny and will also eliminate dandruff.

To make your hair shiny, never wash your hair with very cold or hot water and always add cold water once after washing your hair, it makes your hair shiny. Add a little lemon juice and vinegar to the water with which the hair is to be washed, then the hair becomes shiny.

Baal Ghane Karne Ka Tarika

baal ghane karne ka tarika
1 anday ki zardi mein 2 spoon mustard oil mila lein. Phir ise balon ki jaron mein achi tarh lagayen. 3 ghante baad baal dho lein. Is tarah karne se baal lambe aur mazboot ho jayengay. 
Sar ki khushki door karne ke liye dahi mein thora se oil daal kar baal dhone se adha ghanta pehle lagayen phir neem garam pani se baal dho lein. Hafta mein 1 baar ye amal karne se baal lambe ghane aur chamakdar ho jayengay aur khushki bhi khatam ho jayegi.
Balon mein chamak lane ke liye balon ko kabhi bhi bohat thanday ya garam pani se na dhoyen aur hamesha baal dhone ke baad 1 baar thanda pani daal lein is se balon mein chamak aa jati ha. Jis pani se baal dhone ho is mein thora sa lemon juice aur vinegar daal dein to balon mein chamak aa jati hai.

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