How To Improve Mental Strength

How To Improve Mental Strength

There are earthly desires that continue to increase day by day. To keep those desires, man is working day and night, which leads to the relaxation of the human being, increasing human working hours, and the time to rest is extremely short. Such engagements of human beings increase sleep deprivation, lack of food and excessive thinking, because of all such situations, human beings begin to move rapidly towards mental weakness.
Research has shown that there are many causes for mental impairment, including lack of sleep, lack of food and over-thinking. People use a lot of medicines to get rid of this weakness, but these medicines do not benefit much, so there is a simple cure in your home that will help you eliminate mental weakness in a few months. 

Ingredients: Black seed oil             Sugar                   Milk cream

How To Use: Add desired sugar in 250 gram milk cream and bake for a while, then add 7 drops of black seed oil, then use it daily in the morning and for three months. Mental weakness will also go away and health will improve.

Dimag Ki Kamzori Ka Ilaj In Urdu

dimagh ki kamzori ka ilaj in urdu

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