How To Heal A Cavity Fast At Home

How To Heal A Cavity Fast At Home

If you do not want to use market chemicals toothpaste, let's explain how to make toothpaste made from natural ingredients at home.

Three tablespoons of baking soda       Neem powder one tablespoon
Coconut oil 3 tablespoons                   Mint oil 15 drops

How To Make:
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a glass jar and apply them to the toothbrush. You will find that home-made paste from toothpaste purchased from the market will produce better results and your teeth will become like shiny pearls in a few days. If there are cavities in the teeth, you can get rid of the cavities using this paste.

Dant Ke Keede Ka Ilaj

dant ke keede ka ilaj

Agar aap market ki chemical mili toothpaste istemal nahi karna chahte to aaye aap ko ghar par qudrati ajza se bani hui paste ka tarika batete hein.

Baking soda 3 tablespoons       Neem powder 1 tablespoon
Coconut oil 3 tablespoons        Mint oil 15 drops

1 glass jar mein tamam ingredients ko achi tarah mix karein aur is ko tooth brush par laga kar istemal karein. Aap dekhen gay ke bazar se khareedi gai tooth paste se ghar par banai gai paste ziyada achay nataij day gi aur aap ke dant chand ino mein chmakdar moti ki tarah ho jayengay. Agar dant mein keede bhi lag jayen to is paste ko istemal kar ke dant ke kero se nijat hasil kar sakte hein.

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