Breast Cancer Removal

Breast Cancer Removal

If you want to avoid the rapidly spreading disease breast cancer, then make onions an essential part of your diet. According to a recent research, red onion breast can be a shield against cancer.
According to a research conducted at the University of Guelph, Canada, red onions can fight off cancer and prevent cancer cells from being born.
Experts put red and other colored onions in front of cancer cells for research; they found that red onions relied more heavily on cancer cells than onions of other colors.
The study said onions contain quercetin, protects against numerous diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, while it also increases immunity.
According to research, red onion breaks down the contact between cancer cells and creates an environment in which they can no longer be affected. Red onion can be helpful not only for breast but also for other types of cancer including colon cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness In Urdu

Breast Cancer Awareness In Urdu
Kiya aap tezi se phelte huway marz breast cancer se bachna chahti hein to phir piyaz ko apnay khanay ka lazmi juzz bana lein. Haal hi mein ki jane wali 1 ressearch ke mutabiq red onion breast cancer ke khilaf dhaal sabit ho sakti ha.
Canada University Of  Guelph mein ki jane wali 1 tehqeeq ke mutabiq red onion cancer ke khilaf bharpoor muzahimat kar sakti ha aur cancer ke cells ko paida hone se rokti hai.
Research ke liye mahireen ne surkh aur deegar rango ki piyaz ko cancer ke cells ke samne rakha, inhon ne dekha ke deegar rango ki piyaz ke muqablay mein red onion ne cancer cells par bharpoor war kiya.
Tehqeeq mein bataya gaya ke surkh piyaz mein mojood 1 juzz quercetin cancer aur amraz e qalb samet beshumar beemario se bachata hai jabke e quwat e mudafia't mein bhi izafa karta hai.
Research ke mutabiq red onion cancer cells ke darmiyan aapas ke rabtay ko munqata karti ha jabke in ke liye aesa mahol banati ha jis mein wo mazeed afzaish nahi pa sakte. Surkh piyaz sirf chati ke hi nahi balke bari aant ke cance samet deegar aqsam ke cancers ke khilaf bhi muwaoon sabit ho sakti hai.

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