Qabz Ka Fori Ilaj At Home In Urdu

Qabz Ka Fori Ilaj At Home In Urdu

qabz ka fori ilaj at home in urdu

Apnay khane peene ke auqaat aur mayar ki waja se hum mukhtalif tarah ki beemario ka shikar hote rehte hein jin mein qabz sab se ziyada hone wali beemari ha lekin ye beemari tamam amraz ki jar qarar di jati hai.
Aaye aap ko 1 aesa natural method batate hein jis par amal kar ke aap na sirf constipation se nijat payengay balke thyroid aur masane ki takaleef bhi door hongi.

4 adad laal mooli
1 adrak ka tukra
4 khane ke chammach honey
4 lemon juice
half glass water

Tamam ingredients ko achi tarah blend karne ke baad ise kisi jar mein daal lar dhanp dein aur din mein 3 se 4 baar 1 khane ka chammach use karein. Ye nuskha 3 hafto tak use karein aur rozana ki bunyad par 2 liter pani alag se piyen. Is ki waja se aap apni health mein wazeh tabdeeli dekhengay.

How To Relieve Constipation Naturally

Due to the time and quality of our food and drink, we continue to suffer from various diseases, among which constipation is the most common disease, but this disease is considered the root of all diseases. Let us tell you a natural recipe, by following which you will not only get relief from constipation but also thyroid and bladder problems. 

Ingredients :
Four red radishes 
A piece of ginger 
Four tablespoons of honey 
Juice of four lemons 
Half a glass of water 

How to make: 
After blending all the ingredients well, put it in a jar, cover it and consume one tablespoon three to four times a day. Use this recipe for three weeks and drink two liters of water separately on a daily basis. Due to this you will see a noticeable change in your health.

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