Pimples, Acne, Spots & Zits Ka Ilaj Tooth Paste Se

Pimples, Acne, Spots & Zits Ka Ilaj Tooth Paste Se

pimples acne spots and zits ka ilaj

Toothpaste makes the teeth white and shiny, but do you know that the treatment of acne and pimples on the face is also hidden in it.
If your face looks ugly due to acne and pimples, no worries now, you can get rid of them at home and there is no extra cost. The presence of hydrogen peroxide and triclosan in toothpaste makes it an excellent treatment for acne and pimples.
Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the affected area of pimples and acne and leave it for 2 hours and then clean it, then you will have a surprising result. For best results, this procedure should be repeated daily while sensitive skin people use it cautiously.


Tooth paste teeth ko safed aur chamakdar banate hein lekin kiya aap ko pata ha ke face par dano aur keel muhaso ka ilaj bhi is mein posheeda ha.
Agar aap ka chehra dano aur keel muhaso ki waja se bad soorat lagta ha to ab fikar ki koi baat nahi, aap ghar bethe in se nijat pa sakte hein aur is par koi izafi kharcha bhi nahi hota. Tooth paste mein triclosan aur hydrogen per oxide nami matters ki mojoodgi ise dano aur keel muhaso ke liye behtareen ilaj bana deti ha.
1 mamooli quantity ko dano aur keel muhaso se effected hisse par laga kar 2 hours tak chor dijiye aur phir ise saaf karien gay to herat kun result aap ke samne hoga. Behtareen results ke liye is amal ko daily repeat kiya jaye jab ke sensitive skin wale afrad ise mohtat andaz mein use karein.

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