The Time At Which The Supplication Is Granted


There are times when supplication is granted. These are enumerated below.

1. Shab-e-Qadar, it is mostly expected that Shab-e-Qadar occured in the odd dates of the last ten nights of Ramzan such as the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th night of Ramzan.

2. The Day of Arafa (The whole day) 9th of Zilhajj.
3. The whole month of Ramzan Ul Mubarak.
4. The Friday night (The night between Thursday and Friday).
5. The whole day of Friday.
6. Daily, the last half of the night.
7. Daily, the first one-third portion of the night.
8. Daily, the last one-thrid portion of the night.
9. It is mostly hoped that the supplication is granted on Friday.
There is some moment during the day about which the following versions are available in different Hadis.

1. This moment is concealed between the time which starts with the sitting of the Imam Khutba till the completion of the Juma Prayer.
2. It is between the standing of Jamat till the Salaam.
3. It is time for granting when the supplicating person is standing and performing the Prayer of Juma.
4. According to some Ulema (Religious Scholars) the moment is on Friday after Asar Prayer till sunset.
5. According to some Ulema it is the last moment of Friday.
6. Some Ulema say that this moment is somewhere between Subah-e-Sadiq till sunrise.
7. Some Ulema say it is after sunrise on Friday.
8. But Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari (R.A), the renowned Sahabi states that this moment is on Friday for a while after the commencement of downing the sun till its downs equivalent to one arm in the afternoon.
9. Imam Noodi says that the actual and exact time of the granting of supplications is only one and it is not desirable to adopt any other timings for the purpose. That time, as narrated in Sahih Muslim by Abu Moosa Ash Ari (R.A) and its starts when the Imam sits on the Mimber for Khutba and ends with the completion of Namaz. (This is the first statement).

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