Attributes Of Darood-e-Tunajjina

Darood-e-Tunajjina And It's Attributes


Durood e tunajjina and its benefits
Benefits of durood Tanjeena


Attributes Of Darood-e-Tunajjina:

According to Minhajul Hasanat Sharh-e-Dalailul Khairat", Ibn-e-Fakehani has narrated in his book Fajhe Muneer that a pious person named Sheikh Saleh Moosa was blind. He said "Once, (during a voyage) my ship was about to sink. I was boarding that ship. I felt drowsiness and in that position of drowsiness I saw the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) who taught me this Darood and said that the people boarding the ship should recite this Darood one thousand times. When we had hardly reached the figure of 300 the ship rescued and reached its destination quite safely."

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