Attributes Of Darood-e-Taj

Darood-e-Taj And It's Attributes

attributes of darood-e-taj

Attributes Of Darood-e-Taj:

Attributes of this Darood Sharif are innumerable. It is not possible to enumerate all of them here but in view
of an axiam that "If one cannot get all, should not give up all," a few attributes are given below:

The most important attribute of this Darood Sharif is that if one wishes to see for himself the pious face of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), he should, after completing Isha Prayer on the Friday Night of the heigh of the lunar month, after taking proper ablution and wearing clean and fragrant dress should recite this Darud Sharif 170 times by turning his face toward Kaba Sharif and then go to sleep. Repeat this process for eleven nights. He will see the pious face of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) certainly Insha Allah. For purity of heart and soul, one should recite this Darud Sharif seven times after Fajr, three times after Asr and three times after Isha. For nullifying the effects of any magical, satanic or mystical attack or in the circumstances of spread of small pox, civil commotions etc. Which are beyond his control, one should recite it eleven times and blow the breath. For increasing the means of subsistence it should be regularly recited daily seven times after Fajr. If a women is not getting pregnant, 21 dry dates should be blown over by reciting seven times each of them and such woman should eat up such dry dates. Afterward she should get cleanliness from her menstration and go for intercourse. By the grace of Allah she will get a virtuous issue. If a pregnant woman face any sort of strange feelings she should be made to drink water for seven days on which this Darud has been recited seven times.


  1. Assalamualaikum
    At what time shall I recite this durood for pregnancy and how many dry dates shall I eat for a day?

  2. You can read it after fajr namaz, get 21 dry dates, read durood 7 times and blow them all ones. Each of them you eat until menstruation.