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Plum Benefits In Urdu

Aalu Bukhara K Fawaid

alu bukhara k fawaid in urdu
aaloo bukhara k fawaid in urdu

Maqam paidaish Kashmir, Color surkh siyahi mail, zard rang ka bhi hota  hai, taste sweet, turshi maail or chashni dar, 1 famous common tree ka fruit hai. 2 types ka hota hai. Piyas ko taskeen, garmi k dard-e-sar or matli ko mufeed hai. Tabiyat ko naram karta hai. Aanto mein phislan paida karta hai. Leaves ka joshanda bana kar is se ghar ghara karna, nazlay ko rokta hai. Is ka murabba bhi qabz kusha  hai. 7 danay raat ko sotay waqt khanay se ajabat ya faraghat ho jati hai.

Tasbeeh To Be Recited After The Namaz Of Five Times

after Namaz tasbeeh

After Fajar Huwal Hayyul Qayyum to be recited 100 times

After Zohar Huwal Aliyul Azeem to be recited 100 times

After Asar Huwar Rahmanur Rahim to be recited 100 times

After Maghrib Huwal Ghafoor Ur Raheem to be recited 100 times

After Isha Huwal Latiful Khabeer to be recited 100 times

The Method Of Attaining Rapt Attention In Prayer

 People generally say that rapt attention is rarely attained in prayer. It is a baseless saying. Just consider what actually happens, when you form the intention (Niy-yat) for prayer, perform ablution, set off for the Masjid or go to your prayer carpet. Does all this not prove rapt attention to the prayer which you are intent upon offering. You have liberat-ed your mind from all worldly engagements and become attentive heart and soul to the One Almighty Creator In such a situation it is not right to say that the heart is strayed away. You have done all that you are obliged to do. Now despite your desire, if random thoughts come to your mind unintentionally, you should pay no attention to them and remain attentive to the elements of your prayer. Attention to this extent is needed in prayer which is availa-ble thus. You have to see that you fulfil all the conditions prescribed for prayer which include: purity and cleanliness of the ground, full purity of the body, ablution, the body turned towards the Qiblah. When these conditions have been fulfilled, the Shari'ah permits you to offer prayer. You have been made responsible to observe these outer eti-quettes of prayer only.

The Importance of Namaz (prayer)

The Namaz is a very dignified form of worship in the s'ght of Almighty Allah. It is dearest to Allah of all forms of .,.orship. Allah has prescribed for His servants the obliga-:ion of Namaz to be offered five times every day. To offer it regularly carries great reward, but to abandon it entails the commission of a grievous sin. It occurs in a Hadith that Al-*ah will award Paradise to a servant and forgive all his mi-nor sins on the Day of Judgement, who offers prayers with ,:arty devotion after performing ablution with due care and nice. The Holy Prophet has said that prayer is a pillar of the Deen (Faith). Thus, he who offers the prayer nicely maintains intact this pillar of the Faith, but he who pulls down this pillar (i e. abandons the prayer) destroys the Faith. The Holy Prophet has also said that on the Day of Judgement, the prayer will be the first to be questioned about; and on that day the hands, feet and faces of the Namazis will be shining like the sun, but the non-Namazis will be deprived of this distinction. Again, the Holy Prophet has said that on the Day of Judgement, the Namazis will be among the Prophets, the martyrs and the saints, where-as the non-Namazis will be dealt with along with Pharaoh, Nimrood, Qaroon (Korah) and other prominent infidels. That is why it is very essential for all Muslims to offer the prayers regularly. To neglect prayers entails huge loss of this world as well as of the Hereafter. What can be more grievous that non-Namazis will be dealt with along with the infidels and will be regarded as at par with the unbelievers! God forbid, how bad it is to abandon the prayers!

Prayer has been prescribed as an obligatory duty for a Muslims, except madmen, minor girls and boys. The pa-- ents have been commanded to make their children offe-prayers when they reach the age of seven years and tc beat them for not praying when they are ten years old. In no circumstances is it right to abandon prayers. One must try to offer prayers under all odds. No sin will lie against a person who misses a prayer because of forgetfulness c-falling into sleep. It is, however, obligatory for such a man_ as soon as he remembers or rises from sleep, to perform ablution and offer compensatory prayer without any loss of time. If the time is repulsive (Makrooh), he should wait a lit-tle till the passing away of the Makrooh moments. Similarly if one fails to complete his prayer owing to fainting, one in-curs no sin, but one is bound to offer compensatory prayer as soon as one regains one's senses.
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