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Amirul Momenin Hazral Umar (R.A) said Namaz for six hundred years are accepted and Hazrat Usman said Narnaz for seven hundred years are accepted and Hazrat Ali said, Qaza Namaz of one thousand years are accepted. The friends asked to the Prophet , how a man can live so long? He (P.B.U.H) said, the Namaz of your predecessors and relatives and dear ones, of all, are accepted. Following is the Dua-e-Buzrugwar.

 Dua-e-Buzrugwar and it's attributes


The rights of the parents bear vital importance having preference over all the rights in their attributes.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said duties towards parents are more important than those of even Fasting, Namaz, Hail or Zakat and one who has been disowned or disherited by his parent, would not go to Heaven.

 One submitted to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) that his parents had died and what he should do thereafter. He was instructed that he should perform Namaz and pray for them and act according to their will, respect and oblige their friends and people nearer to them. It was also said that the right of mother is twice in comparison to to that of father.

The biggest among the Kabeera Gunahs (serious sins) is infidelity and disobedience to parents. (Bukhari Sharif)

Punishment for every sin can be delayed and deferred but disobedience to parents is such a serious sin that it is accounted for in this world. (Al-Adab-Al-Mufarrad)

 If a person pays out the dues of his parents after their death and stands to their commitment he would be taken as obedient of his parents before Allah though he would have remained disobedient during their life. Against this if a person does not pay out the dues of his parents nor' he fulfills the commitments made by them, he would, be taken as their disobedient before Allah even if he might; have remained obedient to them during their life time. (Al Al Mufarrad)

The Sunnat Items Of Prayer

 The following are the Sunhat items of prayer:-
1. At the time of Takbeer Tahreemah man should raise their hands up to the ears and women up to their shoulders.
2. Men should fold their hands below the nawel and women on their chest.
3. To recite Sana till the end (Sub-haa-nakal-laa-humma)
4. To say(Aoozu-bil-laah).
5. To say (Bis-millaah).
6.To say (Allaahu Akbar), while shifting from one element to another.
7. To say (Sami-'al-llahu li-man hamidah) then  (Rab-ba-na la-kalhamd) while rising from the (genuflexion).
8. To say during genuflexion (sub-haa-na rab-bial-azeem) at least three times.
9. To say during the prostration (sub-haa-na rab-bial-aala) at least three times.
10. For reciting (At-ta-heey-yaat) and during the two prostrations, Men should sit on their left foot and keep the right foot erect and women should sit on their buttocks, spreading both their feet pointed to the right.
11. To recite the sacred Darood.
12. To utter some words of (Du`a -- supplication).
13. While concluding the prayer with (Salam) to turn the face to the right and to the left.
14. The intention should be to address the (Salam) to the follower Nanlazis, the angels and the pious among the Jinn who may be present there and the Imam also, in case they are follower Namazis praying behind an Imam. If the Namazi is on the right or the left side of the Imam then he should address the Salam in the direction of the Imam.
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