Wazifa To Get Rid Of Debt

 Through this spiritual practice, even a mountain of debt can be paid off. The cost of living has increased significantly, forcing people to take loans with the hope that they will repay them as soon as they have the money. Some borrow from banks, while others seek loans from dear friends. However, repaying a loan is such a difficult task that it becomes hard to accomplish. It is advised to settle the debt before one's passing, as many individuals are unable to do so, and their descendants are burdened with the responsibility, which becomes obligatory for the deceased.

To fulfill the repayment of the loan, people take loans and attempt to repay them, but still, they often struggle to do so. For this reason, some turn to spiritual practices. To all those dear ones who cannot repay their loans due to a lack of means or even if they acquire the means, but other expenses arise, I urge them to perform this task with utmost humility and devotion. By the grace of Allah, I firmly believe that with the blessings of this spiritual practice, Allah will provide abundant opportunities and means to relieve this person of the burden of the loan, no matter how immense it may be, by the will of Allah.

So, dear readers, you should remember verse number 105 of Surah Bani Israil and recite the "Durood-e-Ibrahimi" 21 times daily, followed by reciting verse number 105 of Surah Bani Israil 101 times. There is no specific time constraint for this practice; you can perform it at any time of the day. And continue this practice until you achieve your objective. Insha Allah (God willing), with the blessings of this spiritual practice, even the heaviest debt can be paid off.

Note: Ladies should refrain from performing this ritual during specific days of their menstrual cycle.

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