How To Increase Calcium

Calcium deficiency causes muscle soreness and this pain increases to such an extent that it causes muscle strain. The disease is more common in women than in men and can cause severe damage to the nervous system.

Calcium deficiency in women causes low hemoglobin. Calcium deficiency weakens bones and teeth. Children and the elderly who have this problem are always exposed to colds and infections. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Vegetables and fruits are the guarantors of our health and green vegetables and milk are very useful to make up for the lack of calcium. Milk not only makes up for the lack of calcium but also plays a vital role in strengthening bones and muscles. Most of the medicines that are given to make up for the lack of calcium have an effect on the kidneys. Naturally occurring calcium is more beneficial for health. Calcium deficiency occurs in women who have problems with excessive menstruation. Make it a habit for boys and especially girls to drink milk from an early age so that the body does not become deficient in blood and calcium.

Calcium Ki Kami Ka Ilaj

calcium ki kami ka ilaj

Calcium ki kami ki waja se pathon mein dard shru ho jata hai aur ye dard itni shadeed had tak barh jata hai ke pathon mein khincho ka sabab banta hai. Khawateen ko ye beemari mardo ki nisbat ziyada hoti hai aur iske bais nervous system buri tarah mutasir hona shru ho jata hai. Khwateen mein calcium ki kami ki waja se haemoglobin kam hona shru ho jata hai. Calcium ki kami ke bais bones aur teeth kamzor ho jate hein. Jin bacho aur boorho ko iska masla hota hai wo har waqt thand aur infection se mutasir rehte hein. Weight mein kami aana shru ho jata hai. Vegetables aur fruits hamari sehat ke zamin hote hein aur calcium ki kami ko poora karne ke liye hari sabziyan aur milk intahai mufeed hai. Doodh calcium ki kami ko na sirf poora karte hein balke bones, pathon ko mazboot karne ke liye khas ahmiyat rakhte hein. Aaj kal tarze zindagi aur calories se bharpoor ghizaen ke bais calcium ki kami 1 aam masla banti ja rahi hai. Calclium ki kami ko poora karne ke liye ziyada tar jo medicines di jati hein inka asar kidneys par hota hai. Qudrati tor par hasil hone wale calcium sehat ke liey ziyada mufeed sabit hota hai. Jin ladies ko mahwari ki ziyadti ka masla rehta hai in mein calcium ki kami lahaq ho jati hai. Larko aur khas tor par larkio mein bachpan se hi doodh peene ki adat dalein is se jism mein khoon ki aur calcium ki kami nahi hogi.

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