Nappy Rashes Home Remedies


Put turmeric in water, then heat mustard oil and castor oil, then mix them all to make a paste and apply it on the rashes.

Applying coconut oil on the rash removes the rash.

Make oatmeal powder and mix it with water to make a paste and apply it on the rash for 20 minutes then wash it off with cold water.

Baking soda is effective in nappy rash. Apply it on the rash area as a powder.

Put baking soda in the baby's bathtub and soak the baby in this water for a while, this will calm the baby and reduce the rash.

Rose liqueur Three tablespoons and mustard oil One tablespoon pour this mixture in a bottle, mix well and apply on the area of ​​the rash, it will eliminate the rash in two days.

Rashes Ka Ilaj

rashes ka ilaj

Pani mein haldi dalein phir mustard oil aur castor oil ko garam kar lein phir in sab ko mix kar ke paste bana lein aur rashes par lagayen.
Arq e gulab 3 khane k chammach sarso ka tail 1 khane ka chammach is mixture ko bottle mein daal kar achi tarah mix karein aur rash wali jaga par lagayen is se 2 din mein rash khatam ho jayegi.
Rash wali jaga par nariyal ka tail lagane se rash khatam ho jati hai.
Dalya ka powder bana kar ise pani mein mila kar iska paste banayen aur ise 20 minute tak rash wali gaja par lagayen phir thanday pani se dho lein.
Baking soda nappy rash mein moassar hai ise rash wali jaga par powder ki tarah lagayen.
Baking soda bache ke nahane k tub mein dalein aur kuch dair bache ko is pani mein bithayen is se bache ko sukoon milega aur rash bhi kam hogi.

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