How Many Almonds To Eat Per Day

 If there is one thing that most experts agree on, it is almonds. Almonds are packed with all kinds of vitamins and other nutrients in such a way that even a small amount of them can have amazing benefits if consumed daily. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Minerals such as zinc, selenium, copper and niacin can also be easily obtained from almonds. Experts say that it is enough to eat only four almonds a day to benefit from all these ingredients. It is more useful to soak almonds and peel them before eating. A long list can be made of the benefits of eating four almonds on a regular basis. Health experts say that the vitamin D found in almonds is very useful for your hair and magnesium also refreshes the skin along with the hair.

Vitamin E found in almonds also plays an important role in skin health and freshness. What most people don't know is that the phytosterols and monounsaturated fatty acids found in almonds are the best treatment for cholesterol problems. The riboflavin and alkannin ingredients found in almonds have excellent effects on brain health.

Badam Khane Se Kya Hota Hai

Badam Khane Se Kya Hota Hai

agar kisi 1 ghiza par sab se ziyada mahireen ka ittifaq ha to wo badam ha. Badam mein har tarah ke Vitamin aur deegar ghizai ajza is t arah koot koot kar bhare hue hein ke mehez mamooli miqdar mein bhi rozana istemal kar liye jayen to heratnak fawaid hasil hote hein. Badam mein Vitamni E bakasrat paya jata ha, iske ilawa calcium, iron aur magnesium bhi paya jata hai. Jabke zink, selenium, copper aur niacin jese madni ajza bhi badam se ba asani hasil ho sakte hein. Mahireen kehte hein ke in tamam ajza se mustafeed hone ke liye aap har roz sirf 4 badam kha lein to bohat ha. Agar badam ko bhigo kar khane se qabal chilka utar lein to ziyada mufeed ha. Regular 4 badam khane ki fawaid ki baat ki jaye to 1 lambi fehrist murattab ki ja sakti ha. Mahireen sehat batate hein k badam mein paya jane wala Vitamin D aap ke balon ke liye intahai mufeed ha aur isi tarah magnesium balon ke sath skin ko bhi fresh kar deta hai.
Jild ki sehat aur tazgi mein badam mein paya jane wala Vitamin E bhi bohat ahem kirdar ada karta ha. Aksar logon ko ye maloom nahi ke badam mein paya jane walo juz phytosterols and monounsaturated fatty acids cholesterol ke masail ka behtareen ilaj hein. Badam mein paye jane wala riboflavin aur alkannin ingredients dimagh ke sehat ke liye shandar asraat rakhte hein.

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