Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size In 10 Days

 Today I have come up with a great recipe for girls who are worried about their loose breasts. Just use it at home and enhance your feminine beauty.

Extremely easy and cheap recipe:

A tablespoon of fresh yogurt

A tablespoon of pure honey

A egg whites

One tablespoon of vitamin E drops

Mix all these things well and massage on the breast for five minutes then put on the bra and wash the breast with lukewarm water after one hour. Every day this recipe is to be prepared new, with a few days of use the breasts will become thick and tight.

Desi Totkay For Increase Breast Size In Urdu

desi totkay for increase breast size in urdu

Jo larkiyan apnay dheeley breast ki waja se preshan hein unke liye aaj mein bohat zabardast nuskha lekar aai hoon bas ghar mein istemal karo aur niswani husn barhao. 

1 tablespoon taza dahi 
1 tablespoon khalis shehad 
1 adad desi anday ki safedi
1 tablespoon Vitamin E ke qatre

In tamam cheezon ko achi tarah mix kar lein aur 5 minute tak breast par malish karein phir brazier pehen lein aur 1 ghanta baad breast ko neem garam pani se dho lein. Har roz ye nuskha naya tayyar karna hai. Chand din ke istemal se breast motay aur tight ho jayengay.

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