Banana For Skin Whitening

 Banana is generally the most widely eaten fruit. Bananas are mainly a product of South Asia, but are now found in many warmer parts of the world. You will find bananas in different colors, shapes and sizes. We have raw bananas available in green and ripe yellow. Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Bananas contain only 105 calories. Bananas also contain some water and are free of fat. Make bananas an integral part of your diet to live a healthy life.

With the use of bananas, your color stays clean and your body stays fit and active. Banana peel is also very useful for eliminating pimples. If you stick a banana peel on the inner surface of your pimples, it will remove your pimples.

If you get up early in the morning and mix banana pulp with a little honey and lemon and apply it on your face and wash your face after about half an hour, your face will become radiant.

Kele Ke Chilke Ke Fayde:

kele ke chilke ke fayde

Aam tr par kaila phaln mein sab se ziyada khaya jane wala hal ha. Bunyadi tr par kaila south Asia ki paidawar hai. Hamare haan kacha kaila sabz aur paka huwa kaila peele rang mein dastayab hota hai. Kaile mein kasrat se Vitamin, Minerals aur doosre mufeed ingredients shamil hote hein. Kaile mein calories ki miqdar sif 105 hoti ha. 1 sehatmand zindagi guzarne ke liye kaile ko apni ghiza ka lazmi hissa banayen.

Kaile ke istemal se 1 to aap ka rang saaf suthra rehta ha aur aap ka jism chak o choband aur active rehta ha. Kaile ka chilka keel muhaso ko bhi khatam karne ke liye kafi mufeed hai. kele ke chilke ko agar aap internal surface apne muhaso par chipka dein to wo aap ke muhaso ko khatam kar deta hai.

Agar aap subah sawere uth kar kele ke gooday ko thoray se honey aur lemon ke sath mix kar ke apnay chehre par lagayen aur taqreeban aadhay ghante baad chehra dho lein to aap ka chehra chamakdar ho jayega.  

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