How To Burn Belly Fat Overnight

How To Burn Belly Fat Overnight

You may have seen a number of tips for melting belly fat, but today we will tell you a natural recipe that will help your belly fat melt faster. This is an extremely simple and natural recipe and you have to use every morning before breakfast.

100 grams of dry plum 
One liter of clean water

The Method Of Preparation:
Soak the dry plums in water for a week and filter after one week. Use a glass of this beverage every morning before breakfast. Because of this, your system will function well and at the same time the stomach will recover, constipation will be removed and the toxins from the body will begin to drain. As a result, the cancer and diabetes component will also be removed and you will feel lightweight.

Pet Ki Charbi Kam Karne Ka Nuskha

pet ki charbi kam karne ka nuskha
Aap ne pait ki charbi pighlane ke liye kai totke dekhe hongay lekin aaj hum aap ko 1 aesa qudrati nuskha batayengay jis ke isemal se aap ke pait ki charbi bohat tezi k sath pighle gi. ye 1 intahai asan aur qudrati nuskha ha aur aap ko har roz subah nashte se qabal istemal karna ha.

100 gram khushk aalu bukhara
1 liter saaf pani

Alu Bukharay ko 1 hafte ke liye pani mein bhigo dein aur 1 hafte baad chaan lein. Is mashroob ka 1 glass har subah nashte se qabal istemal karein. Iski waja se aap ka nizam e inehzam behtar tarike se kaam karega aur sath hi stomach theek hoga, qbaz door hogi aur jism se zehrile maday nikalne lagengay. Iski waja se jism mein cancer aur diabetes ka bais banne walay ajza bhi nikal jayengay aur aap apnay aap ko halka phulka mehsoos karengay.

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