How To Make Hair Black Naturally Without Dye

How To Make Hair Black Naturally Without Dye

how to make hair black naturally without dye

Everyone thinks that if the hair turns white then they cannot be blackened and that is why people use different types of hair colors but today we tell you the simplest way of black hair again.

Linseed Oil     200 gram          Four Lemons
Three slices of garlic               Honey as needed

The Method Of Preparation:
Grind the lemon juice and garlic well, then add the linseed oil and honey and then grind. Put the mixture in a jar and close it well and place the mixture in the refrigerator. Eat a tablespoon of mixture 30 minutes before each meal and always use a wooden or plastic spoon.
Using these magical mixtures three times a day will not only strengthen the hair and darken it, but it will also improve health.

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