Har Gham Or Pareshani Se Nijat Ka Wazifa

har gham or pareshani se nijat ka wazifa

Nazireen aaj hum aap ko har gham or pareshani door karne ka 1 bohat hi asan or mukhtasar Wazifa batayengay jis se aap ki har pareshani or museebat Insha Allah parhte hi khatam hogi, is amal ki ijazat aam hai. Ghamzada rozana agar Allah Pak ka ye naam Ya Muhaiminu 29 bar parhe ga to Allah Pak parhne wale ka har gham door kardengay nez har aafato or balao se mehfooz rahe ga.

Every sorrow and distress will be far removed by a very easy and concise Wazifa. With the help of this act, all your worries and calamities, Insha Allah, will be resolved. The permission for this Wazifa is general. If the grief-stricken person recites the name 'Ya Muhaiminu' of Allah Pak or recites it 29 times daily, then Allah Pak will remove all the sorrows of the one who recites it and will keep them safe from all afflictions and disasters."

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