Fish Khane Ke Fawaid

Fish Khane Ke Fawaid

fish khane ke fawaid
fish (machli) khane ke fayde
health benefits of eating fish
benefits of fish

Fish (machli) heart ko sehatmand banati ha.
Fish (machli) dimagh ko roshan karti ha, hafiza behtar banati ha.
Is ka regular use zehni tanao ko door karne mein intahai faida mand ha.
Fish (machli) khane se aap ki bones strong hoti hein.
Body mein blood circulation mein behtari aati ha.
Fish (machli) khane se mukhtalif iqsaam ke cancer se larne mein bhi madad milti ha.
Aap ke dimagh ki cells ko toot phoot se hifazat faraham karta ha.
Fish (machli) khane se aap diabetes se safe rehte hein.

ٰEating Fish Benefits

Fish keeps the heart healthy. 

Fish enlightens the mind. 

Regular eating fish is very beneficial in relieving mental stress. 

Eating fish strengthens your bones. 

Blood flow in the body is also improved. 

Eating fish also helps fight various types of cancer. 

Protects your brain cells from damage. 

Eating fish keeps you safe from diabetes.

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