Khatmal Ka Khatma

Khatmal Ka Khatma

khatmal ka khatma
get rid of bed bugs

Khatmalo se bachne ke liye gandhak ki dhoni dein.
Surkh mirchen pani mein mila kar dalein.
Ajwain pees kar tez garam pani mein mila kar spray karein.
Palang ki khali jagho mein podeenay ki shakhein thons dein.
Neem ke leaves bed par rakhen or neem ka pani ka chirkao karein.

To protect yourself from bedbugs, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Give sulfur fumes to ward off bedbugs.
  2. 2. Mix red pepper in water and sprinkle it around.
  3. 3. Grind celery (ajwain) and mix it with hot water to make a spray.
  4. 4. Rub mint branches in empty spaces where bedbugs appear.
  5. 5. Place neem leaves on bed and sprinkle neem-infused water.

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