Chehre Ke Surkh Dano Ka Ilaj

Chehray Ke Surkh Dano Ka Ilaj

chehre ke surkh dano ka ilaj
face ke surkh dano ka ilaj
skin care tips

Baaz ladies ke face par surkh dane nikal aate hein jo ke baad mein white ho jate hein. Din mein taqreeban 2 dafa apna face bhigo kar cleansing lotion ko pooray chehre par malein phir 10 minute ke baad tissue paper se chehra saaf kar dalein or thanday pani se face par cheentay marein. Sone se qabal 1 spoon boric acid lekar half cup neem garam pani mein daal dein. Cotton se surkh dano par lagayen.
Glycerine mein taqreeban 3 ya 4 drops lemon ke ras nichor kar dalein or chehre par lagayen, subah moo dho lein.

How To Get Rid Of Red Spots On Face

Occasionally, red spots appear on women's faces, which later turn white. After washing your face about twice a day, apply the cleansing lotion on the face, then after 10 minutes, wipe the face with tissue paper and sprinkle it on the face with cold water. Take a tablespoon of boric acid before bed and pour half a cup in warm water. With the help of cotton apply to red spots.
Squeeze about three or four drops of lemon juice into the glycerin and apply it on the face, washing your face in the morning.

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