The Sincerity of Niy-yat (intention)

The sincerity, or otherwise, of all actions of man de-pends on his intention. An action, however righteous it may look, can be eligible for recompense in the Hereafter when it was taken only for the pleasure of Allah. On the other hand, if the action did not arise from sincerity of intention, it will have no value in the Hereafter where it will be con-demned as a counterfeit coin. That is because in the:sight of Allah sincerity of intention is the only criterion for the-ac-ceptance of an action. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said:
* All actions depend on the intentions of the doer. (Bukhari, Muslim)
* Allah does not look at your faces and possession; He looks at your hearts and your deeds only (Muslim)
* 0 people: Bestow sincerity upon your actions, be-cause Allah accepts only that action which is based on sincerity. (Hakim).
* The intention of a believer is better than his action. (Ahmad)
* While giving advice to a Companion, the Holy Prophet is reported to have said: Charge your faith with sin-cerity. If sincerity is born in the heart, a small quantity of action will be sufficient for you.

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