The rights of the parents bear vital importance having preference over all the rights in their attributes.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said duties towards parents are more important than those of even Fasting, Namaz, Hail or Zakat and one who has been disowned or disherited by his parent, would not go to Heaven.

 One submitted to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) that his parents had died and what he should do thereafter. He was instructed that he should perform Namaz and pray for them and act according to their will, respect and oblige their friends and people nearer to them. It was also said that the right of mother is twice in comparison to to that of father.

The biggest among the Kabeera Gunahs (serious sins) is infidelity and disobedience to parents. (Bukhari Sharif)

Punishment for every sin can be delayed and deferred but disobedience to parents is such a serious sin that it is accounted for in this world. (Al-Adab-Al-Mufarrad)

 If a person pays out the dues of his parents after their death and stands to their commitment he would be taken as obedient of his parents before Allah though he would have remained disobedient during their life. Against this if a person does not pay out the dues of his parents nor' he fulfills the commitments made by them, he would, be taken as their disobedient before Allah even if he might; have remained obedient to them during their life time. (Al Al Mufarrad)

Once the Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, "he is contempted, he is contempated and again he is contempted. People asked 0 Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) who is that contempted person. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) replied that such person is that who found his parents one or both of them in old age and did not earn the heaven by serving them.

You and your all belongings are for your parents. Your offsprings are your sacred earning so you can eat from the earning of your offspring without any hesitation.

 If the pious and obedient son or daughter look at the parents with love and affection, Allah bestows them with the virtue of one Hajj. People asked, 0 Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) if one looks at them hundred times a day then? He replied, yes, he will get because Allah's generosity is beyond your imagination and He is exalted of short-comings like misery.

It must be clearly understood that privileges of parents ore much and even if their behaviour with you becomes such that it looks against the justice one is required not to disobey them because pleasure or displeasure of Al-lah remains with the pleasure and displeasure of par-ents. After their death, one should behave nicely with their friends and respect them and oblige them in case of need. There is only one condition where disobedi-ence of the parents may be allowed and that is, if par-ents order for any thing that is against the orders of Allah and his Prophet (P.B.U.H) but at that time also one should regret with total sincerity and in proper good words.

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