Attributes Of Reciting Holy Quran

Recite Quran Sharif daily because:

1. According to a Tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) recite Quran Sharif every day because Quran Sharif shall come to recommend salvation of the reciter on the Day of Judgement.

2. According to a heavenly tradition (Hadis-e-Qudsi), Allah says "If a person does not find any time to supplicate due to  his pre-occupation in reciting Quran or learning Quran by heart or meditation or translation or writing comments (Tafseer) of Holy Quran; I will give him more than what I am giving to those who pray to me for their longings. (It means that I fulfill all his  needs). And said the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) that superiority of the Sayings of Allah (The Holy Quran) over other sayings is similar to what Allah Himself has over His other creations.

3. According to one more Hadis, Prophet of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said "Learn Quran Sharif and get knowledge of it" read it and make others read it because a person who learnt Quran and taught it to others and then acted upon it (Particularly when he recited Tahajjud Namaz); such person is like the (Open) beg of musk, fragrance of which is spread everywhere. But a person who learns Holy Quran and get its knowledge but remains unmindful of it (Nor  he recites it in Namaz of Tahajjud) nor acts according to its commands, through Quran is in his heart intact; such person is like a beg of musk which is tightly closed.

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