Acts That Violate Prayer (Namaz)

These acts render the prayer void whether they are deliberate or through forgetfulness.
1. To talk whether much or little, deliberately or through forgetfulness.
2. To bid Salam or to respond to Salam.
3. To respond to someone's sneezing by saying (Yar-hamukal-Iaah).
4. On 'hearing some sad news, to recite some or the whole of these words (In-naa wa in-naa i-laa-hi raa-ji-`oon) or to exclaim (A!-hamdu lil-laah) on hearing some happy news, or (Sub haa-nallah) on hearing some wonderful tidings.
5. To utter Ah or Ha in pain or grief.
6. To dictate some correcting words to anybody, other than one's Imam.
7. To recite the Quran in prayer by looking at the Qur'an.
8. To commit such mistake in reciting the Quran as makes the prayer void.
9. To do some major act e.g to use both the hands for that work, during prayer, that may lead another person to doubt that someone is praying.
10. To eat something intentionally or through forgetful-ness.
11. To divert the chest from the direction of the Qiblah.
12.To weep due to pain or distress, so as to utter some words during weeping.
13.To laugh during prayer which the Namazi may him-self hear.
14. To go ahead of the Imam.

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