Treatment Of Evil Eye-Malignant Look (Chashm-e-Bad)

Treatment Of Evil Eye

Almighty Allah has kept certain sort of poison in our eyes just like scorpio and snakes. One should not think that such poison is in the eyes of certain persons and not in our eyes. Sometimes our own eyes become poisonous. Such evil eyes don't effect only human beings but also other things. Such eyes have their evil effects on every thing such as animals, farms, gardens, children, wealth and assets etc. Therefore God Almighty has revealed treatment of such evil eyes through His most beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H0 so that mankind take advantage of it. Hazrat Hasan Basri (R.A) has said that if anyone doubts evil eye on his wealth he should recite three times the verse given in Surah Noor and blow three times.
Treatment Of Evil Eye-Malignant Look (Chashm-e-Bad)

 If anyone looks anything through his own eyes whether it be goods, children, wife or house or anything else and if such things attract his eyes or mind then he should recite
treatment of evil eyes
  Due to reciting of this verse, Allah prohibits the eyes to put any ill effect over the things. If anyone thinks that his eyes are much ill in affects he should avoid looking at the things but if accidentally his sight goes and falls on anything he should recite
chashm-e-bad ka ilaj
Due to this verse his eyes would not have any ill affect over that thing.

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