For The Marriage Of Girls

For The Marriage Of Girls

  • After Isha Prayer anyone from the parents of the girl should recite Ya Lateefo 150 times. Before and after the recitation Durood Sharif should be recited. This exercise should continue till the objective is achieved.

  • After Isha Prayer Surah Ikhlas (Para-e-Amma) should be recited 41 times and then pray to Allah. Insha Allah success will be achieved. 

  • for the marriage of girls19 times daily after Fajar Namaz should be recited and before reciting as well after reciting the same Durood Sharif be recited as well after reciting the same Durood Sharif be recited 11 times each. This should be continued till any good matrimonial proposal is received.

  • wazifa for the marriage of girlsThe wird of this Surah be (Repeated reciting) made routine by the girl. Durood Sharif should be recited before and after recitation each 11 times. After the marriage she should perform four Rakats of Nafal and pray for good future with sincerity and purity of heart.

  • If marriage of any one's daughter does not take place and he wishes to get her married in some good family, that longing person should recite the this verse 3313 times daily after Isha Prayer till 21 days and should recite Durood Sharif (Whichever knows by heart) 11 times before and after reciting.

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