About Ablution And Method Of Ablution


O Believers, when you wish to stand for prayer, then wash your faces and your hands upto the elbows and pass your wet hands over your heads and wash your feet upto the ankle. (Al-Ma’aida: 6)


First of all one should make himself clear (Paak) and form and have full attention of getting virtue and recite Bismillah…..(In the Name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful). Then wash the hands upto the wrists three times. Then clean the mouth brushing with Miswak or fingers and gargle with water three times. Then rinse the nostrils thrice with water and clean the nose with left hand. Then he should wash the face from the forehead to the chin bone and from ear to ear three times and ensure that no place remains dry within that area of the face. If he is bearded then he should perform Khalal (Make the beard wet fully so as to clean all the hair by moving back side of fingers of left hand in them). Then he should wash the right arm followed by left arm upto elbows three times. Then he should make his hands wet with fresh water and do Masah i.e. brush up the whole head with wet hands, pass the wet tips of the index finger inside and the wet rips of the thumb outside the ears and pass over the other surface of the hands over the nape and the sides of the neck. Then he should wash the feet upto the ankles, the right foot first and then the left, taking care to wash in between the toes, each three times. In this method of ablution, some acts are obligatory (Farz), some are Sunnah while some are Mustahibat (More advisable).

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