Aankho Se Pani Aana

Aankho Se Pani Aana

aankho se pani aana

Aankho se pani aana 1 bohat purana marz hai aam log is ka ilaj surmo se karte hein magar darasal is ka ialj dimagh ko queat pohanche se hota hai, kiounk yeh kamzor dimagh se paida hota hai. Agar kisi k aankh se pani behta rehta ho to is ko chahiye 21 adad maghaz badam rozana kha liya kare is se aankho se pani aana band ho jayega.

Eye watering is a very old disease. People treat it with antimony, but it is actually treated with the power of the brain, because it is born from a weak brain. If water flows through one's eyes he should chew 21 almond nuts daily it will stop the watering from eyes.

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