Dua Of Hazrat Abu Darda

Dua Of Hazrat Abu Darda

O Allah! You are my Lord, other than You there is no God. It is upon You that I have faith and You
are the Lord of the Mighty Throne. Whatever Allah has wished has happened and whatever He has not wished will certainly not happen. Without the assistance of Allah, we cannot save ourselves from any evil nor can we anquire and good. I am sure that Allah has power ever everything and verily the knowledge of Allah encompasses everything.
O Allah I seek refuge in You from the evil of myself and the evil of all the living upon whom You have control. Verily, my Lord is  on the right path.

Someone came to tell Hazrat Abu Darda that his house was on fire. Hazrat Abu Darda (without any concern) replied that his was certainly not on fire. Allah will never do so, because I have heard from the Messenger of Allah that if a person recites these words at the beginning of the day, no calamities will befall that person till the evening, and if the person recites these words in the evening then no calamities will befall that person till the morning.

In another tradition, it is stated that calamities will not befall him, wife, childre and whatever he owns.
Hazrat Abu Darda said: "In the morning I recited these words, therefore, how can my house be on fire.: He then said to the people. "Let's go and see." Together with the people they went to wards his house. It was seen that his entire street was on fire and all the housed around  Hazrat Abu Darda's were burnt, but, amidst this, his house was safe and sound (Al-Azkaar-Nawawi, Pg.79)

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